The Best Toys as Gift for Children

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Are you wondering what the best gifts for 7 year old girls are? Now that there are so many possible gifts that you can get for a girl, you may find it hard to select one among the variety of choices available. However, you should not be worried! In this article, we will give some best ideas for children’s gift.

The Best Gifts You Can Give to a 7-Year-Old Girl

Of course, you can present anything you like to your girl or your friend’s girl as a gift. However, you must like to give them something more valuable and useful in their age. When it comes to toys, there are some possible toys that can suit their age. Instead of toys, you have many more options as well.

The 5 Best Gifts for a 7-Year-Old Girl According to Child Therapists

To help you get the best gifts for 7 year old girls, we have put together the top 5 best toys that you can give to a little girl according to child therapists. When kids this age typically start their initial grades at school, you should find a toy that suits their needs. Here are some of the best options.

#1 Magnetic Cube Puzzle

When it comes to seven-year-old kids, they tend to value a time when they can do things they like. For this reason, provide a toy like magnetic cube puzzle will be a good idea. This toy is actually perfect for both boy and girl. It is made up of hundreds of smaller magnetic pieces that can create various different shapes.

#2 Spinsation Staff

When you are choosing good gifts for 7 year old girls and toys are on your top list, you should choose a toy which requires no preparation or assembly and is effortless to manipulate. In this case, it should not be too frustrating for her age. For this reason, a toy like Spinsation staff will provide a lot of fun.

#3 Noise Putty

This is another simple toy which can completely capture a little girl’s heart. Noise putty is such a fun toy that a kid can play for about 45 minutes. It stays clean and has high durability too. With this kind of toy, a kid can make a fun fart noise after she puts the putty toy back into the jar.

#4 Squishy Toy

A squishy toy is one of the most popular amosting color matching mosaic pegboard nowadays. It is not only popular for kids on this age but also is able to become a great toy to stimulate her tactile sensations.®ion=TopBar&WT.nav=searchWidget&module=SearchSubmit&pgtype=Homepage#/educational toys More interestingly, this kind of toy is available in various shapes including frogs, pigs, eggs, and tomatoes.

#5 Colorful Boxes

Kids especially girls love to collect things around this age level. They usually like to collect things they find from nature like rocks and seashells or collect the toys they like the most. To accommodate this kind of hobby, you can consider getting some colorful boxes as your cool gifts for 7 year old girls.

If you’re looking for any information about children’s toys, you can visit as they provide various information regarding toys for children. Find out more through ##plainrul##


How to Build Your Own Lego Storage

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You never think of finding some Lego storage ideas until you finally step on that piece of bricks as you walk around your home. Even if®ion=TopBar&WT.nav=searchWidget&module=SearchSubmit&pgtype=Homepage#/kids machine you do not really care about it, another family in the home may get bothered. Fortunately, there are some great ideas to create practical Lego storage solution that you can follow here.

How to Build Lego Storage on Your Own

When you are searching for Lego storage alternatives, there is no doubt that you will be faced with countless options. You can simply browse on various online marketplaces to get the one that you love the best. However, if you want to get the one that is personal enough, building your own Lego storage must be perfect.

DIY Lego Storage You Can Build on Your Own

Luckily, there are also countless Lego storage ideas for built sets that you can find on the internet. Instead of browsing one by one on your own, here we have arranged some of the best DIY projects that can help you create the Lego storage of your dream. Without further ado, here are the five best DIY Lego storage projects.

Lego Storage Box by Color

If you have a huge collection of Lego, this idea will make a great choice. Organize your Lego by color in some separate boxes. Label each box with color to make it easier for you to grab the one you need. If you make it for your little ones, it can be a good idea to make them differentiate colors.

Lego Wall Storage System

When you are searching for Lego storage ideas IKEA, you may not find this one. However, you can get the curtain rods and buckets online to create Lego wall storage! Simply get some curtain rods at the store and take some S hooks from nearby hardware stores to hang some buckets off the rods. You can personalize the bucket too!

Simple Lego Table

Who says you cannot build your own Lego table? If you want to make your own instead of buying the ready-to-use one, you can do it by transforming a simple square table into a Lego table. Install a magnetic strip to one frame of the table to hold round containers. Besides, attach a metal rod to hang mini buckets too.

Recycled Train Table

Another one of the best DIY Lego dimensions storage ideas you can find is to repurpose train table into a Lego storage table. This idea works kids machine best if you have an old train table at home. Simply find a piece of wood and cut it to fit the top of the table. Then, connect Lego base plates to the wood.

Lego Wall

Lastly, you can also think of creating a Lego wall. It is simple and can spark an extra style to your space too. All you need to do is attaching Lego base plates on your wall with adhesive. If you want the simpler one, consider going trough Lego storage ideas container storage that is ready to use in the market.

If you’re looking for more information regarding lego and other toys for your kids, you can visit as they provide various information regarding the matter.

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Find Out Why Reflexology Sandals Are Popular

best magnetic paper towel holder

Are you planning to get reflexology sandals but don’t have enough reasons to buy one? There are actually plenty of reasons why you need to have this kind of massage sandals. You must have known that a foot massage can help you relax after a busy day. Then, how about foot massage you get from sandals?

The Reasons Why You Need Foot Massage Slippers

When it comes to massage, there are actually a lot of massage techniques available that all promise particular health advantages. It’s no secret that you can get these health benefits by simply going to nearby spa or massage center. However, some people just don’t have enough time to do it regularly. This is when massage sandals come to play.

The Benefits of Wearing Foot Massage Slippers

Then, do we really need a pair of reflexology slippers at home? For a good reason, you can surely consider wearing this kind of sandals. Most of the reason is that you can gain a lot of health benefits from wearing them. To be precise, here are some of the benefits that you can get from wearing massage slippers.

Improve Circulation

Because of the sedentary lifestyle that we have nowadays, we become unaccustomed to employing our muscles regularly. Those muscles in the feet hardly ever get any exercise and circulation, mostly due to tight and uncomfortable shoes. A 10 to 20 minutes massage session can impressively improve the circulation and you can get this massage benefit from wearing foot massage sandals.

Help Prevent Ankle And Foot Injuries

Another reason why you need a pair of massage slippers is that they can help prevent ankle and foot injuries. As we know, massaging the feet is able to help with joint recovery and pain after an injury. Then, when massage is combined with ankle and foot strengthening in sandals, it can prevent future injuries.

Decrease the Effects of Anxiety and Depression

Considering some of the studies that showed the good effects of reflexology on our body, you can expect that this type of massage footwear to give the same effects as reflexology. It means that you can expect the reflexology shoes sandals to go beyond simply putting people in a relaxed state throughout the duration of the massage.

Help with Migraines and Headaches

A study found that those suffering from migraines and headaches showed great improvement after obtaining reflexology treatments. Thanks to the treatment, they could stop taking medication and got their symptoms after completing the treatments for 65 percent. For this reason, a pair of massage sandals designed with reflexology points is believed to provide the same benefit.

Help Reduce Blood Pressure

The last, it is also believed that massage slippers can be helpful for those who need to lower their blood pressure. Nowadays, high blood pressure becomes a pretty common health problem. By wearing massage slippers, it is found that people get their high blood pressure reduced. As a result, there must be no hesitation to wear foot massaging sandals.

If you’re looking for a pair of reflexology sandal, we recommend you to get the one from Neo Reflexology Sandals. They are made of premium materials, which ensure longevity, and precise pressure point to keep you healthy. Basically, they have every feature you need.

For more information, go to®ion=TopBar&WT.nav=searchWidget&module=SearchSubmit&pgtype=Homepage#/reflexology flip flops


Easiest Way to Mount Paper Towel Holder

contemporary magnetic paper towel holder

We cannot deny that a paper towel holder is a great solution for your homeless paper towel. Instead of leaving your paper towel with no holder, a secure and good one will make the most of it. More interestingly, you can also benefit its appearance to add style to your space.

How to Install Paper Towel Holders in the Right Way

As you can see, a good holder for paper towels is just as important as other home accessories you have. If you prefer horizontal holder that can be mounted on the wall or under the cabinet, you will find a lot of options available in the market too. But, how can we mount this holder later on?

Step by Step for Installing Paper Towel Holders Properly

Actually, there is nothing complicated in installing a magnetic paper towel holder. You can firstly find the right place where you want to mount the holder. It can be under your cabinet or anywhere you like. Once you found the best place, you can follow these steps to install the holder.

1. Mark the place

Once you decided where to mount the holder, you need to mark the place with a pencil or anything. You can consider pre-drill if needed. However, it is not really recommended, aesthetically speaking. Then, make sure that the location of the paper towel holder suits the rest of your room's elements as well.

2. Take a scrap wood

To make it easy for you to install the wall mount paper towel holder, scrap wood is a must. Cut the scrap wood so that it has a similar length to the bar of on your holder. Then, make holes with a drill on the scrap wood to attach the screw later on.

3. Attach the holder to the scrap wood

Now you can attach the holder to the scrap wood. Simply drive your screws through the scrap wood until the ends of the screws stick out to the other side. This way, it will be easier for you to find the pre-drilled holes underneath the cabinet (if you mount the holder under a cabinet).

4. Attach the holder under the cabinet

Finally, you can attach the paper towel holder wall mount under the cabinet. Attach the holder to where you want to install it previously. Then, drive the screws through the bottom of the cabinet. After that, you will have your paper towel a new home that is useful and boosts style to your space.

Tips to Install Paper Towel Holders

Now, you have known the step by step for installing the holder. Before you leave, there are some tips to get the most of the holder. Firstly, you need to get the best holder for a good reason. In fact, paper towel holders can give you more than just a place to keep your paper towels organized.

They can also boost style and convenient in your space. Moreover, you should make sure to place the holder in the right place. Consider the other appliances or furniture inside your room before deciding where you want to mount the holder. Last but not least, install the wall mounted paper towel holder properly!

If you’re looking for a convenient yet sophisticated paper towel holder, then we recommend you to get the one from Quinno. It is made of premium materials which ensure longevity. The special thing about this product is that it comes with magnets, so you don’t need to use any tools for the installation. Just attach the magnets onto refrigerator and you’re done.

For more information, go to paper towel holder black


The Easiest Way to Make Your Own Ice Cream Cone Holder

Cone holder

Now that you are here, you must be searching on how to make ice cream cone holder on your own. It is no doubt that serving ice cream cones is just perfect for a party or any other occasion. However, you should make sure to avoid any unnecessary mess with a bit of preparation.

DIY Ice Cream Cone Holder with Cardboard

One of the most important things to be prepared is an ice cream cone holder. Whether you want to prepare ice cream cones initially or using it as a serving tray, this ice cream holder is just cost-effective and easy to make. With this, you can even serve your ice cream cone as a temporary centerpiece as well.

Things You Need to Make Ice Cream Cone Holder

To create ice cream cone holders on your own, you will need to prepare for some materials ahead. You should first prepare for a package of ice cream cones. Then, you will need wrapping paper, scissors, tape, and craft knife. If you want to make it simpler, find a printable template of ice cream holder on the internet.

Step-by-step to Make Ice Cream Cone Holder

Then, how to make the holder? It is pretty simple. You don’t need to buy a new box to make the holder, you can simply recycle the package of ice cream cones you have. This way, your cone holders will be more cost-effective and time-effective. To continue, you can follow these steps.

1. Remove the cones from the box

You should first remove the ice cream cones out of the box. You will use it as a base for this project. Simply take out the cones and set them aside or put them into a plastic bag. After that, tape the box or package back shut. You can also use any cardboard box for this project.

2. Wrap the box with wrapping paper

With the wrapping paper that you have prepared before, wrap the box as if you are wrapping a present. You can use any type of paper that suits the theme of your event or party. If you are using a printable template for the ice cream cone stand, you can simply print it and follow the instruction.

3. Cutting holes in the box

Create some circles on the top of the box and carefully cut it with a craft knife. You should cut it through the box and wrapping paper. It will be much easier than cutting holes in the wrapping paper first and then cutting holes in the box afterward. Make the holes based on the size of the box.

4. Fill with ice cream cones

Finally, you can set the cones on the ice cream cone holder stand. Set each cone in each hole and serve it. This cone holder can also be utilized for other snacks. If you find that the wrapping paper wet, simply rewrap the box with new paper. Now, you can make your own ice cream cone display on your own.

If you’re looking for an ice cream cone holder, we recommend you to use the one from Ice Cone Holder. It is made of BPA free acrylic, and comes with a protective cover. With 6 holes provided, you can display your ice cream cone or any other treats in the most attractive way. Your guests will definitely be delighted with the display. Aside of ice cream cone, you can also use it to hold candy buffet, popcorn, cotton candy, and even snow cone!

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How to Maximize Space Using Coffee Machine Sliding Tray

Appliance Coffee Maker Sliding Tray

For those who are wondering the right way to maximize their kitchen space, you should take a look at the countertop sliding tray when shopping. It is a basic, cheap little thing which you can easily find in the home appliance store and online. However, do you really need this tray?

Using Coffee Machine Sliding Trays in the Kitchen

If you happen to see this product in the market, you may wonder how this little thing can benefit your kitchen space. In fact, there are some benefits that you can get from including this thing in your kitchen. In this article, you will learn more about this product and why you should take it into account.

What Are Coffee Machine Sliding Trays Actually?

First of all, you will want to know what these sliding trays are all about. As you can expect from the name, a coffee sliding tray is a storage moving slider. It is supposed to make it more effortless for you to get the appliances you need on the countertop and put it back once you finished using them.

The Benefits of Using Coffee Machine Sliding Trays

The idea of this appliance tray is actually to place a coffee machine so that it can be moved easily on your kitchen countertop. It is generally expected to ease up your burdens by holding out all kinds of kitchen appliances from the light ones to the heavy ones. In addition, here are several other benefits that you can anticipate.

It can be used for other appliances

Even though it is particularly designed for coffee machines, you can actually use it for storing other kitchen appliances. Your handy caddy sliding tray is typically available for blenders, toasters, food processors, and other appliances that you usually put on the countertop. Thus, if you do not usually use a coffee machine, you can use it for something else.

It is commonly made of sturdy material

Sliding trays are generally made of sturdy and toxic-free material. It means that you can really count on this appliance slide without getting afraid of the contamination of dangerous BPA compound. To make sure you get the one that is free from toxic and BPA, you need to be careful in purchasing the sliding trays in the market.

It can maximize your countertop

More interestingly, a coffee maker sliding base can work to get the most of your kitchen countertop space as well. When using this sliding base, you can simply slide the base back effortlessly when you do not need the appliance on it. As a result, you can have your countertop free from unimportant under appliance tray appliances that you do not need currently.

How to Maximize Space with Sliding Trays

The last, how can we use the sliding trays to maximize the space in your kitchen? All you need to do is putting the appliances you want to keep out of the countertop on the tray. Once you need the appliance, you can simply roll the countertop sliding shelf and then slide it back once you finish.

If you’re looking for the right sliding tray, our recommendation would be the one from Top Handy Caddy. It has all the features you need, and made of premium material which ensures longevity. Find out more through slider


Wondering How to Use Dryer Ball? We Got You Covered!

for Wooden Foot Stool

Now that you find dryer balls in the market, you may start to wonder whether this product really works or not. There have been a lot of debates regarding the work of this dryer ball. But in general, the idea behind this item is to help avoid laundry from clumping in the dryer. However, does it really work?

Everything You Need to Know about Dryer Ball and How It Works

It is no secret that a dryer ball has been around for quite some time and many people have been employing this item for years as a natural and eco-friendly alternative for both liquid fabric softener and dryer sheets. Nevertheless, there are still many of them who do not know how it works.

What Is a Dryer Ball Actually?

You must have heard about it before but you just do not really care about it until you learn its benefit. Well, wool dryer balls are actually an eco-friendly, natural, biodegradable substitute to the tricky use of liquid fabric softener. Theoretically, they are supposed to help prevent laundry from clustering in the dryer.

A dryer ball comes in a range of sizes and materials with wool as the most popular type of it. Other than wool variants, there are also rubber and plastic variants available in the market. Nowadays, there are also a bunch of dryer ball products available on the internet that you can choose as you please.

How Does a Dryer Ball Work?

Now the question is how this item works to enhance your drying process? By retaining the heat received on the dryer, a wool dryer ball is supposed to make your laundry dries faster and more effectively. As a result, the drying time can be reduced. For the details, check this following example.

A Sample of How It Works

For instance, when drying some towels, you can see a collection of wet fabric flapping around and attaching to each other for a long time before they are waterless enough to separate and let the warm air to flow. A dryer ball works to accelerate this “separation” process and let the warm air easily circulate between the towels.

In addition, a dryer ball also works to help soften the fabrics when utilized in the dryer. It is possible because the wool dryer constantly agitates against the fibers in your linens and clothes. As a result, after a drying cycle, the clothes will also be soft as you touch them.

How Long the Dryer Ball Last

Another common question about how the dryer works is related to how long it last. According to most manufacturers, the ball is able to last even after 1,000 loads. Nevertheless, it is recommended to replace the ball once you see it begin to unravel. This way, you will be able to get the most of the ball.

How to Use the Dryer ball

The last, you will surely want to know how to use this item. First, you should remember how it works. It stumbles around your clothes and separates them to let warm air circulate more easily. For it to work the best, you better use the dryer wool balls for medium to small-sized loads.

If you’re looking for the right dryer ball, our recommendation would be the one from COMFECTO. It has all the features you need, and made of premium material which safe for your clothes. Find out more through®ion=TopBar&WT.nav=searchWidget&module=SearchSubmit&pgtype=Homepage#/feet rest


Simple Tips to Keep Your Diving Knife Sharp All The Time


Perk Up Your Cupcakes by Making Cupcake Box on Your Own


Here Are Some Reasons Why You Need Dryer Ball

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